Servo systems

Bosch Rexroth servo drives

Bosch Rexroth is the world's most renowned manufacturer of servo drives and motors. As an automation house, Bosch Rexroth offers you everything you need for your modern production facilities. Integration of motion, logic and visualization on different platforms provides the possibility of economical application from simple CNC machines and manipulators to complex and flexible, multi-axis motion-logic applications. There are three types of platforms: drive based solutions (PLC integrated in the servo controller), PLC controller based solutions as well as PC based solutions. Rexroth products (formerly Indramat, Bosch Automation) from the domain of electro-drive and control in combination with other Rexroth technologies (hydraulics, pneumatics, linear and assembly technology) ensure easy interconnectivity and high level of technical solutions.

Servo drives - IndraDrive

Very reliable and compact servo drives. Power from 100 W to 9 kW. Integrated communication protocols SERCOS III, PROFINET, EtherNet / IP. Possibility of adding a PROFIBUS communication module. MultiEncoder Interface.
You can download the technical characteristics of the IndraDrive Cs series here.(0,31MB)
HCS02 and HCS03 servo drives from the IndraDrive C series have an integrated inverter and a power supply. Compact design makes them suitable for single-axis applications.
Technical characteristics of the IndraDrive HCS02 series (up to 11 kW) can be downloaded here.(0,32MB)
Technical characteristics of the IndraDrive HCS03 series (up to 75 kW) can be downloaded here.(0,28MB)
IndraDrive M is a modular series designed for multi-axis systems. The power supply unit is separated and provides DC power to the control units.
The technical characteristics of the IndraDrive HMS series (one axis up to 350 A) can be downloaded here.(0,27MB)
The technical characteristics of the IndraDrive HMD series (two axes up to 36 A) can be downloaded here.(0,26MB)
You can download the technical characteristics of the HMV power supply units here.(0,28MB)

Servo motors

Synchronous servo motors with a maximum torque of 631 Nm and a speed of 9,000 o / min. All engines have built-in encoder systems for various types of applications. The option is forced cooling or cooling with water.
Technical characteristics of the MSK series can be downloaded here.(0,31MB)
Output motors up to 93 kW and speeds up to 11,000 rpm. High-resolution encoder system. Designed for main spindles and different servo applications.
Technical characteristics of the MAD series can be downloaded here.(0,29MB)
The MLF series consists of linear motors with a core of iron. The maximum force is 21,500 N, and the speed is 500 m / min. They are made of stainless steel in IP65 protection.
Technical characteristics of the MLF series can be downloaded here.(0,29MB)
IndraDyn S - MS2N, motors with one cable, catalog.(0,45MB)
IndraDyn S - MKE, for potentially explosive zones, catalog.(0,28MB)
IndraDyn S - MSM, for compact drives, catalog.(0,25MB)
IndraDyn A - MAF, with liquid cooling, catalog.(0,30MB)
IndraDyn L - MCL, linear without an iron core, catalog.(0,30MB)
IndraDyn T, torque motors up to 13,800 Nm, catalog.(0,29MB)
IndraDyn H, synchronous high speed motor up to 22,500, catalog.(0,28MB)
IndraDyn H - 1MB, asynchronous motor for high speed, catalog.(0,30MB)
Planetary GTE gearboxes for standard applications, catalog.(0,32MB)
Planetary GTM gearboxes for precision applications, catalog.(0,33MB)